"One Application, Many Funding Opportunities, One Deadline"



How RAP Works

  • The applicants choose the grant mechanism that best fits their proposals
  • The funding agencies choose to fund the best proposals based on programmatic criteria



Funding Opportunities, What's New

  • The Academic Senate and REAC sponsor the "Independence Support Award" which will support investigators that have not yet succeeded in getting an NIH R01 or similar funding
  • The Post-Childbearing Award is now called "New Child Leave Award" and is available to male investigators and adoptive parents, as well as to childbearing women

Spring 2015 Cycle Results

RAP reviewed 158 applications and made 71 awards for the Spring 2015 cycle; 45% of the grants reviewed were awarded. Thanks to the combined efforts of multiple funding agencies, a total of $2,575,641 was distributed to UCSF researchers. For more details and to find out the names of the awardees go to "Resources" on the RAP website.