How to Apply


Step 1.

Go to the  Eligibility & Compare Grants webpage for initial comparative information. 

Step 2.

Review the Submission Rules

Step 3.

Choose the ONE grant mechanism that best fits your research project. Each grant has specific descriptions and instructions that you need to follow.

Step 4.

Definition: same research topic with an amended application or research plan rather than a new research topic and new research plan.
Requirements: Please use up to one extra page to introduce your revised proposal, addressing the issues raised in the review, and any additional changes to your proposal. Make sure the new changes are highlighted in bold or italic font so the reviewers can easily see where and how the proposal has changed. Do not use track changes. A new letter of support from the Dept. Chair is required for ALL submissions including resubmissions. 

Step 5.

Convert your proposal into a SINGLE PDF including all supporting documents listed on the instructions

   Step 6. Complete the 5 sections of the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and upload your proposal PDF. You can make any changes, including replacing the PDF proposal, until the deadline, but be sure to SAVE the final changes before the deadline.  When the deadline hits, only the data uploaded and saved will be reviewed. There is NO SUBMIT BUTTON. It is your responsibility to ensure the submission in all its parts - including the PDF - is correct.