How RAP Works

One Application, Many Funding Opportunities, One Deadline

Applicants choose the grant mechanism (not the agency)

Agencies choose the awardees based on scientific scores & their funding priorities


Funding Opportunities, What's New:

The website content will be extensively updated from now until the next call for application on August 22, 2016.

Be sure to check back after the launch to ensure you prepare your grant according to the new requirements.

Grant offerings, application rules, eligibility criteria, and other requirements are subject to change from cycle to cycle.

Spring 2016 Cycle Results
RAP reviewed 180 applications and made 79 awards for the Spring 2016 cycle; 44% of the grants reviewed were awarded. Thanks to the combined efforts of multiple funding agencies, a total of $4,256,848 was distributed to UCSF researchers. For more details and to find out the names of the awardees go to "Resources" on the RAP website.