Submission Rules

Meeting the Submission Criteria
         Eligibility requirements need to be met as of date of submission, no waivers will be accepted.

Submissions Allowed per Cycle

Only ONE application as PI (PI1 or PI2 or Multiple PI of a Team Science Grant) is permitted per cycle with the only exceptions of the Catalyst Program, the Environmental Health Research Pilot Award and the Core Assistance Fund (CAF).

  • The Catalyst Program allows for multiple applications from the same PI in each cycle.
  • The Core Assistance Fund (CAF) allows for multiple applications from the same PI in each cycle.
  • The Environmental Health Research Pilot Award allows for multiple applications however, not from the same Lead PI.

Multiple PIs

If the proposal has multiple PIs, both PI1 and PI2 need to meet the eligibility criteria listed for the respective grant mechanism (both need to either be Junior or Senior faculty) if the grant mechanism has such restriction based on rank.  For proposals submitted with multiple PIs, the cycle break rule applies to all PIs (PI1, PI2 and all PIs of a Team Science Grant). 

Contact PI

If funded, the PI1 will be the primary contact for the award set up and management.  The PI1 will receive the results (written reviews and final scores).

Cycle Break

Anytime a PI is funded, he/she must take A CYCLE BREAK before applying again.  For example, if funded in the Fall 2021, you cannot apply in the Spring 2022, and must wait for the Fall 2022 to apply again. For proposals submitted with multiple PIs, the cycle break rule applies to ALL PIs (PI1, PI2 and all PIs of a Team Science grant).
Only exceptions to the cycle break rule are the following grants:  Family Support, Hardship, Independence Support Award. 

  • If you were awarded in one of these three exceptional grant mechanisms (Family Support, Hardship, Independence Support Award), the cycle break rule does not apply to you.
  • If you were awarded in any grant mechansim, you can submit to Family Support, Hardship, Independence Support Award without having to observe the cycle break rule.

The Catalyst Program does not follow the RAP Cycle Break rule.

  • Receiving a Catalyst grant, does not preclude submitting a proposal to a RAP sponsored grant in the following cycle.
  • Receiving a RAP sponsored award, does not preclude submitting proposal(s) to the Catalyst Program in the following cycle. 

Number of Submissions

RAP allows a NEW submission, a 1st resubmission, and a 2nd resubmission of the same proposal (2nd resubmission is by invitation only; the review will state if a second resubmission is allowed).


Definition: same research topic with an amended application or research plan rather than a new research topic and new research plan.
Please use up to one extra page to introduce your revised proposal, addressing the issues raised in the review, and any additional changes to your proposal. Make sure the new changes are highlighted in bold or italic font so the reviewers can easily see where and how the proposal has changed. Do not use track changes. A new letter of support from the Department Chair or other Unit Head is always required.

Feedback to the applicants:

At the end of each cycle, all applicants, funded and not-funded, will receive written reviews and final scores via the RAP Portal.