Resource Allocation Program (RAP)

Seeding outstanding research


How RAP Works: 

  1. RAP is an umbrella consortium of UCSF funders
  2. Applicants select the grant mechanism, not the funding agency; funding agencies select the awardees
  3. Consideration by multiple agencies enhances funding likelihood
  4. RAP does not control the $$$ nor topic areas that are funded

3 Easy Steps to Apply

  1. Find the grant mechanism that is the best fit for you 
  2. Write the grant proposal for the chosen mechanism following the grant-specific instructions
  3. Submit your grant proposal via the RAP PORTAL   

Spring 2023: 

Plan ahead for the next cycle, the deadline to submit is February 27 at 2PM.

Fall 2022: Updates

  • NEW  Mentored Scientist Award in Pancreas Cancer for $50K.
  • NEW  Team Science Grant for Tuberculosis Research for $80K. 
  • NEW  the Anti-racism Grant Mechanism broadened its focus on research projects addressing anti-racism involving any race/ethnicity.
  • The UCSF Core Center in Musculoskeletal Biology and Medicine (CCMBM) and CoLabs have partnered in sponsoring the RAP Pilot for Early Career Investigators and the Pilot for Established Investigators.  This is to encourage investigators to further musculoskeletal discovery and translation by utilizing the five CoLab TeamsCoLabs is a new model for research collaborations and core labs for the UCSF community. Consultations must be completed by September 9, 2022 if PI decides to use the CoLabs (see RFAs for more details).
  • Both NIH Biosketch Versions F or G are acceptable for this Fall 2022 cycle. In Spring 2023 we will move to version G only. 
  • The following grant mechanisms have been extensively revised, please be sure to write your grant based on the current descriptions/instructions:  Family Support Award; Hardship; Under-represented Faculty & Senior Fellows in Clinical and Translational Research Awards; Pilot for Anti-Racism Research; Team Science Grant.