RAP & Funding Agency Functions:  Developing RFAs for the grant offerings
RAP Functions:  Marketing the call for applications - Electronic submission - Review
Funding Agency Functions:  Selecting awardees – Post-award activities

What’s New: 

  • The Breakthrough Program in Rheumatoid Arthritis Research (BPRAR) now offered via the Pilots for Junior and Established Investigators
  • Posey Family Pediatric Cancer Pilot Award offered for the first time through RAP
  • The Program on Non-AIDS Defining Cancer, HIV and Aging offered again through RAP but with Independent Review
  • The Global Cancer Pilot Award now open to trainees
  • The Osher Center broadens the scope of the Integrative Palliative Care or Dementia Pilot Award
  • Eligibility broaden to appointees in the Librarian Series when applicable
  • CTSI-Pilot Awards is sponsoring Spring Cycles
  • Digital Health Research continues to be offered via the Pilots for Junior and Established Investigators
  • Digital Mental Health Award Track offered in Spring Cycles
  • CAPS-HIV Innovative Grants is sponsoring this Spring Cycle
  • Congratulations to the Fall 2017 Awardees. Here is a link to the Success Stories for Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Cycle Results
RAP reviewed 149 applications and made 54 awards for the Fall 2017 cycle; 36% of the grants reviewed were awarded. Thanks to the combined efforts of multiple funding agencies, a total of $2,449,721 was distributed to UCSF researchers. For more details, and to find out the names of the awardees and their success stories, go to "Resources" on the RAP website.

The Fall 2017 Cycle Reviews are available on the RAP portal on your dashboard.


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