IMPACT Last Mile Grant Supplement

Independent Review

Project Award Amount: $4,000


The Last Mile Grant Supplements are intended to support the dissemination of completed research (either one study or a body of research, not necessarily all by the PI) to policymakers in governmental and non-governmental sectors (e.g., healthcare leaders, professional societies). Research disseminated through Last Mile Grant Supplements should be sufficiently robust that it is ready to be translated into governmental or non-governmental policy.

Recipients of funds are not allowed to use funding to lobby federal, state, local, or international officials. Funds may only be used to educate policymakers and other stakeholders on research or a body of research that is consistent with scientific consensus.

Last Mile Grant Supplements can be used for:

  • Time and resources needed to prepare for and disseminate findings to policymakers.
  • Material development (policy briefs, infographics, presentations, etc.)
  • Postage
  • Printing
  • Trips to DC, Sacramento, or to meet with policymakers elsewhere.
  • Salary support
  • Stakeholder meeting support (such as cost for reserving a space, food, and assistance with preparing any documents)

NOTE: Research must be complete to be eligible.


Eligibility requirements need to be met as of date of submission; no waivers are allowed.

Who’s Eligible:
PI or mentor has a UCSF affiliation. Residents, Fellow/Post Doc, Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor.

K Awardees funded directly by NIH or AARQ are eligible BUT need to provide a letter from their mentor stating that receiving a Last Mile Supplement Grant will not conflict with the requirements of their K Award (letter not included in the page limit).

Submission Rules

Put your best foot forward! Please prioritize one application. More than one application will not be accepted in each round from a single PI.

Criteria for Review/Evaluation of Applications

We encourage submission of completed research projects that need support in taking research “the last mile” to policymakers in government or outside of government (including clinical systems and professional organizations). Review criteria include:

  • The potential to influence policy
  • The appropriateness of the target audience
  • Feasibility of the dissemination strategy
  • Appropriateness of budget and the budget justification

Selection of Awardees
The highest scoring applications using the criteria above will be recommended for funding.

To Apply

Step 1:  Complete the electronic application form.  Please note there are several pieces of information that need to be provided directly via the electronic application form (selecting the appropriate grant mechanism, providing demographic information, uploading an abstract, etc.).

A preview of an inactive template of the electronic application form is available online.

Step 2: Upload your proposal as a SINGLE PDF that includes all the things listed in numeric order in the instructions below.

Instructions for Proposal PDF

Please write your proposal following the instructions listed below and create on single PDF file. Do not include form fields in your PDF.

Proposal Length: 2 pages

Format Requirements: Arial font; 11 pt.; minimum 0.5 inch for all margins; no appendices; include page numbers.


Definition: Same topic with an amended application or new dissemination plan, rather than a new top and new dissemination plan.

Requirements: You can resubmit one time. Please use up to one extra page to introduce your revised proposal, addressing the issues raised in the review, and any additional changes to your proposal. Make sure the new edits are highlighted in bold or italic font so the reviewers can easily see where and how the proposal has changedDo not use "track changes”.

  1. P.I. Name, title, and affiliation
  2. Project Title
  3. Abstract - NOTE: this is a required field on the RAP e-application form, please list N/A in order to complete that section of the e-application
  4. Mentor name (if PI is not a faculty member), title, and affiliation
  5. Co-Investigator names, titles, and affiliation
  6. Department ID number (e.g. 123456)
  7. Proposal (2 pages) The Supplement Proposal should include one page for the narrative (items 1-3) and one page for the budget, budget justification and confirmation of agreement to terms and conditions (items 4-5).
    • Summarize the work you are interested in disseminating in 1 paragraph. Include citations (where appropriate) and whether each citation is open access (the citations can be on the second page).
    • Describe what you would like the target audience to do as a result of the work you are intending to disseminate (sponsor a bill, allocate new funding, add a new strategic priority, implement a new clinical policy, revise a clinical guideline, etc.) in 1 paragraph.
    • Describe your dissemination strategy and/or deliverable (policy brief, stakeholder meetings, infographic, etc.) in 1 paragraph.
    • Please agree to the following in the text of your proposal:
  • I/We agree to credit UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) on any developed materials.
  • I/We agree that any developed materials will be hosted on the IMPACT website. (Note: you may also host materials in any other forum as well)
  • I/we verify that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI).
  • Research is complete; no active human subjects contact. (Note: the IMPACT supplements provide “last mile” support for completed research projects and may not be used for active human subjects research.)

5. Please indicate if you would like access to the services of a free graphic designer for infographics, communications expert, policy briefs, presentations, etc

6. K Awardees funded directly by NIH or AARQ are eligible BUT need to provide a letter from their mentor stating that receiving a Last Mile Supplement Grant      will not conflict with the requirements of their K Award (this letter is not included in the page limit).

  1. Budget ($4,000 max. per proposal)

Use the following form: PHS 398 Form Page 4, "Detailed Budget for the Initial Period": 

Please note explicitly if any of the following are domestic or international:

  1. Subcontracts (including indirect costs)
  2. Travel
  3. Stakeholder Meeting Support



Not Allowable

PI Salary



Co-Investigator(s) Salary



Post Doc Salary



Network Recharge Rates



General Automobile and Employee Liability (GAEL)



Administrative Support















Travel – (note explicitly on application if it is international travel)



International Subcontracts (note explicitly on application)



Indirect costs on subcontracts (note explicitly on contract if the subcontracts are international)



Stakeholder Meeting Support (note explicitly on contract if the meetings are international)



  1. Budget Justification: clearly and fully justify all costs. 
  2. NIH BioSketch of Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator(s) and UCSF Faculty Mentor(s) (if applicable), (5 page format):

Other support pages of Principal Investigator(s) and Co-Investigator(s) and UCSF Faculty Mentor(s)