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 RAP e-Application Form 2018

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Grant Mechanism

Select a grant mechanism. Be sure to review Submission Rules before beginning your application. 

Career Development

Family Support Award

Gilead HIV Cure Mentored Scientist Award

Hardship Awards

Independence Support Award

Mentored Scientist Award Program in HIV/AIDS


Under-represented Faculty in Clinical and Translational Research Awards


Global Cancer Pilot Award

International Mentored Scientist Award Program in HIV/AIDS


Innovation Award in Prematurity Research

Pilot Award in Precision Imaging of Cancer and Therapy

Team Science Grant


Alzheimer Disease Research Center (ADRC) Pilot

Informing Tobacco Product Regulation

Integrative Cancer Pilot Award

Integrative Dementia Pilot Award

Pilot Award for Investigators New to HIV

Pilot Award for Pancreas Cancer

Pilot Innovation Award in Prematurity Research

Pilot for Established Investigators in Basic and Clinical/Translational Sciences

Pilot for Junior Investigators in Basic and Clinical/Translational Sciences


Catalyst Awards for the Development of Diagnostics, Devices, Therapeutics and Digital Health

Institutional Matching Instrumentation Award

Shared Technology Awards

Proposal Title

Proposal KeywordsMaximum of 100 characters.

Submission Version

New Submission

1st Resubmission

1st Resubmission to a different grant mechanism Only allowed if original grant mechanism is not offered this cycle.

2nd ResubmissionBy invitation only.

2nd Resubmission to a different grant mechanism By invitation only, only allowed if original grant mechanism is not offered this cycle.

Consideration for Catalyst Awards

I would like my proposal to be considered for Catalyst Awards or for Catalyst Awards with a collaboration with ShangPharma 

  • Catalyst Awards mechanism is appropriate for translational research projects or product development focused projects with commercial potential.
  • Therapeutic Drug Development Projects are eligible for consideration for Catalyst Awards with ShangPharma Collboration.
  • If your RAP proposal is found to be applicable for either of these potential support mechanisms, you will be contacted by Catalyst staff to submit additional materials. Note all interaction with the ShangPharma is covered by CDA.
  • Selecting 'yes' will not affect the eligibility and review of your proposal in your original RAP grant mechanism.

Yes No


Primary Investigators

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PI 1 (Contact PI) Information

The account user name must match the PI1 name. To submit on behalf of a PI, sign in using their credentials (their email and password). 

Last Name

Middle Name

First Name

Email Address

To avoid spam & junk mail issues, use of web-based emails (Gmail, Yahoo) is discouraged. If possible, use a UCSF email address.





If Other Degree






Male Female Other



Time Spent in Research     

Time Spent in Clinic      

Are you currently a K awardee?

Yes No

Have you received funding from a RAP Funding Agency in the past three years?

Yes No

Mentor (if applicable)

Last Name

First Name


Post Award Analyst

Last Name

First Name


 Add a second primary investigator.

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Project Details

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One paragraph only, maximum 300 words

Budget Requested


Numbers only

Does your budget include a component for travel?

Yes No

Does your project involve payments to international organizations/research expenses in other countries?

Yes No

Does your project involve human subjects?

Yes, CHR/IRB Approval # is

Yes, CHR/IRB Approval Pending

Yes, CHR/IRB Approval Planned

No, CHR/IRB Not Applicable

Does your project involve human stem cell?

Yes No

Does your project involve animal subjects?

Yes, IACUC Approval # is

Yes, IACUC Approval Pending

Yes, IACUC Approval Planned

No, IACUC Not Applicable


Last, First Name

 Add an additional Co-Investigator.

Does this project involve an invention that has the potential for patenting?

Yes No Not Sure

If it does or you are not sure if it does, contact UCSF Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliance

Will your proposed study target inclusion of subjects from special populations?


Yes No


If yes, select AT LEAST ONE from Special Category Populations that is applicable:

Pregnant women


Children (under 18)


Emancipated minors


Pregnant under 18




Marginally housed


Transitionally housed


Unstable housing


Institutionalized - Incarcerated/prisoners


Institutionalized - Nursing home population


Institutionalized - Mental health facility


Cognitively impaired


Educationally disadvantaged






Terminally ill




Under-represented ethnic minorities: Hispanic or Latino


Under-represented ethnic minorities: Not Hispanic or Latino


Under-represented ethnic minorities: Prefer not to Answer


Under-represented racial minorities: American Indian or Alaskan Native


Under-represented racial minorities: Asian


Under-represented racial minorities: Black or African American


Under-represented racial minorities: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander


Under-represented racial minorities: White


Under-represented racial minorities: Other


Under-represented racial minorities: Prefer not to Answer






Review Process Information

Type of Research


Clinical Research

Computational Research

Epidemiology/Statistical Research

Laboratory Research

Social/Behavioral Sciences Research

Review Committee

Select the review committee you think is most appropriate for your proposal; RAP will reassign it if there is a more appropriate match. Resubmissions are assigned to the committee that did the initial review.
The following three Grants will be reviewed by Career Development:

  • Hardship Awards
  • Independence Support Award
  • Under-represented Faculty Faculty & Senior Fellows in Clinical and Translational Research Awards

Basic HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease & Global


Career Development

Clinical HIV/AIDS, Infectious Diseases & Global

Clinical Sciences 1

Clinical Sciences 2

Digital Health Research

Health Policy & Social Sciences

Independent Review (Catalyst Awards, Pilot Diabetes)

Molecular Medicine



Request To Exclude Reviewer

All UCSF faculty are potential reviewers. You may name one potential reviewer you believe could not provide an impartial review and request that person not review your application. The Review Committee Chair will consider this request but is not required to accommodate it.

Last, First Name

Are you willing to be a RAP Reviewer?

Yes No

Select a review committee that matches your expertise             

Indicate your area(s) of expertise with five key words






1.     Make sure your proposal is written according to the specific grant mechanism instructions.

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Proposal pdf


Upload your proposal as a single PDF file and SAVE the Changes. Do NOT include form fields in your PDF document.

Maximum file size is 15mb.

You can replace your proposal PDF by uploading a new PDF file at any time before the deadline.


Version used in RAP Spring 2018 Cycle